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Philips Hue Lightbulbs


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Philips makes an LED lightbulb called Hue.  The lightbulbs are sold by Apple, and there is an Apple iPhone app for controlling them.  The lightbulb fits into a standard lightbulb socket, and it can be controlled wirelessly.  The lightbulb's color and intensity can both be controlled.  It would be nice if Virtual Wiring systems could control these lightbulbs as well.


The Hue lightbulbs use a ZigBee wireless protocol called Light Link, or ZLL.  Texas Instruments makes a dongle (using their CC2531) chip which can support the ZLL protocol.  The dongle could plug into a Virtual Wiring system.  The dongle was once included in TI's Light Link development kit, but now the kit includes a push button controller (black box) instead.  It seems that TI no longer wishes to support their ZLL dongle (directly).  At this point, getting ZLL software onto a dongle is a bit of a challenge, and the ZLL software support for the dongle going forward is unclear.


Is their a ZLL dongle available with a well documented interface, which is well supported and readily available?

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